Hockley’s Hole - Paragraph 55 - Zero Carbon House - Planned to Start This Spring

An oasis in the Hampshire countryside

Paul Harvey is a sculptor and works in what he calls ‘the wildlife oasis set in the monoculture of modern agriculture’.

This scheme achieved paragraph 55 status under the Governments Policy Framework given the rare designation of:-

‘Truly outstanding or innovative’

The scheme is for a home working studio nestled within this disused watercress pond sculpted around an ancient fresh water spring.

The water bubbling up from the ground is at about 12 degrees and flowing at a rate where both the kinetic and heat energy can be utilised to run a very low energy demand house.

This when finished may well be the first truly Zero Carbon home in England.

Currently subject to filming by well known television design programme.

Stockbridge Farmstead, Barn under Construction