Visitor Centre, Greenham Common

With the end of the Cold War, this former US Airbase was no longer needed so an alternative use was proposed. Most of the American military structures were demolished and the runway dug up with the intention of restoring the common and local flora and fauna.

Working with Barry Bryant Architects of Winchester, a visitor centre was proposed to welcome and inform people about the site.

This was seen as a gateway building, keeping much of the view of the common and the control tower secret until one entered under its roof. There, one started to learn more about the site and could plan further exploration of the surrounding area.

The building was to be solar heated and shaded by computer controlled motor-driven shades and canvas sails.

A restaurant, education suite and exhibition space would have opened up to a protective banked ring, redolent of the ancient tumuli on the common. Within this enclosure, the restored control tower would have provided commanding views over the common, plus interpretive displays illustrating the military history of the site.

In recent years, some Cold War bunkers and silos have become listed monuments; a sign, perhaps, that we are moving towards an era of nuclear free defence.

Greenham Common Visitor Centre, South Elevation Greenham Common Visitor Centre, Cardboard Model
Greenham Common Visitor Centre, Cardboard Model Greenham Common Visitor Centre, North Elevation