Village Hall, Stroud

The proposed site for this new village hall was quite exceptional. It was to be located just to the south of Stroud, a Hampshire village in the lee of the South Downs, which looks out onto the impressive contours of Butser Hill.

The open, yet temperate valley setting was ideal for a building utilising wind turbine energy and solar heating. It was hoped that the new hall would serve as an exemplar for future environmental design in community buildings and there was great enthusiasm and excitement for the scheme.

The building was designed to be easily dismantled when no longer needed and was oriented to make the most of the southerly aspect, sunlight and wind. An underground thermal store was proposed, using ventilation tubes in the subsoil to enable the earth to accumulate heat and condition the air. Rainwater running off the extensive copper roof was to be stored in underground tanks and used as grey water, which would subsequently have been treated in a reed bed filtration system.

Stroud Village Hall, CAD Rendering of South-East Elevation Stroud Village Hall, CAD Rendering of North-West Elevation
Stroud Village Hall, Cardboard Model Stroud Village Hall, Cardboard Model