Gemma Designs HQ, Andover

Gemma International was formed in the 1980s when a husband and wife team identified a gap in the market for the design of children's greeting cards.

The company grew into a graphic design and marketing organisation, selling several million cards and associated products each year. Our proposal combined a new warehouse and office under an aluminium aerofoil roof, secured by stainless steel rods. Openings are intentionally large, and internal doors heavy, to encourage the graphic designers to experience the building from a child's perspective.

A galvanised steel frame was employed, with posts spliced onto curved T-shaped rafters to form the roof. The colourful interior is inspired by the toys and cards, with references to cut and punched out card made in the architecture.

The building has become a landmark along the industrial street and Gemma International are delighted with their new working environment. Indeed, the company has gone from strength to strength, occupying the entire warehouse space, and branching out into toys and games.

Gemma International HQ, West Elevation Gemma International HQ, North Elevation
Gemma International HQ, Interior Stairwell Gemma International HQ, First Floor Interior