David Gregory Architects was established in 1993 and we have had much fun and excitement since.

Our designs have been described as whimsical, colourful and sculptural. We see this as a compliment, as there is a delight and enjoyment in creating architecture which can allow others to share in the experience.

We believe the need to communicate must be central to all architectural endeavour.

Over the last two decades, we have enjoyed designing village halls, schools, offices, shops, activity centres, visitor centres, and individual houses in Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire (we're based between Salisbury and Shaftesbury).

A core concern in all projects has been the need for sustainable living, working and playing, and this has evolved into the promotion of durable low maintenance materials, low energy technology, passive thermal systems, and an anticipation of recycling in the future. Above all, we have a desire to enhance the urban or rural landscape, evolving an architecture which is not alien, but rather, one which fosters the use of traditional crafts and techniques, along with an understanding of the demands of the ever-changing and shifting landscape of the modern world. This, therefore, is not a style but a technology-driven expression of care, craft and performance.

In browsing these projects, you will witness the use of: green oak frames; passive solar heat; lime mortar and renders; thatch; straw and wool insulation; thermal mass storage; zinc; copper; galvanised steel; high performance glazing; heat pumps; wind turbines; solar tubes and thermal shutters; all working together to delight, protect and enable sustainable shelter.

Our work has been recognised through the receipt of several design awards including: The RIBA Award for Architecture, The Winchester Award for Architecture, Civic Trust, and The Downland Prize.

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Collage of Older Projects